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13 jun 2009

DNA Systems becomes the exclusive distributor for XTA products in Greece

XTA is known worldwide for pioneering products, which are synonyms with the leading quality in any professional application. The name is a legend between the sound engineers, while most of the leading speaker manufacturers worldwide trust the management of their sound systems in XTA processors.

XTA history begins in 1992, when two of the technical directors of Klark Teknik, responsible to a great degree for the design of some of the most popular products that had been manufactured up to then, resigned and created a new company, the current XTA. Their aim was to prove that they could manufacture digital products with very high quality of sound, something that their former company did not believe particularly, as most of the sound engineers at that time.

From the first products that XTA manufactured became obvious the difference with anything produced up to then. For the first time the sound professionals heard digital sound equipment that had such qualitative sound. Equally impressive was their first contact with the software for controling the XTA proccessors, the well known Audio Core. It was also the first time they could program a proccesor with complete comfort from their computer via a connection with a simple cable or even wireless!

Historical moment for XTA was the world tour of Rolling Stones in 1999. The sound system that was used it was the biggest in the history of professional sound, resulting the unique challenge to control it. XTA, with Audio Core software and the series 2 proccessros, gave the technicians all tools needed in order to set up the sound system of the tour fast, with high sound quality, absolute control and protection.

Today XTA is the product that any high quality speaker proccessor has to compare with. Particularly the new series 4 processors, advanced the technology even more, offering even higher quality sound and a lot of additional possibilities but at the same time with the known ease of use that distinguishes each XTA product since 1992.

XTA entrusted our company DNA Systems for the representation of its products in the Greek market after selection between other Greek companies. As declared the Director of Sales of XTA Mr. Bill Woods, the choice happened after the particularly good constitution that acquired for our company from Greece but also from abroad, particularly for our professionalism and our technical training. With high satisfaction we accepted Mr. Wood'sthe invitation. We believe that the Greek market will recognize the efforts that we will overwhelm for the promotion of XTA products and will appreciate the support that we will offer not only to new XTA buyiers but also to everybody that already has XTA products in their possession.

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