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07 okt 2009

The new Greek Ministry of Health chooses a Beyerdynamic wireless conference system.

To new Ministry of Health moved recently to a very beautiful building that used to host the Press Centre for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. In the new conference room of the Ministry, the microphone system had to be the best. The basic specification of system was that its installation had to influence the aesthetics  of the room in the smaller degree. The reason was that the room, as you see and in the photographs, it is very beautiful, made with expensive materials and high quality of manufacture. The possibilities therefore for the cables to pass were substantially impossible.

After careful study, the technicians of the company that was in charge for the installation of the AV systems, proposed the solution of a wireless conference system. But however, as we all know, the wireless technology has many positive things but also the basic problem that is not so reliable, particularly when we are dealing  with a lot of microphones. And here the installation required 60!

After careful research of the market, the engineers of the installation saw that the only company with high experience in the manufacture of wireless conference systems  is Beyerdynamic. With the systems MCW50 and MCW200, Beyerdynamic has over 300 wireless conference installations around the world, among these installations in very important places as in the building of the European Community in Brussels but also in the offices of Audi and Mercedes. They also saw that Beyerdynamic, is the first manufacturer that presented a wireless congress back in 1998, so the total experience of the company in such systems is unique. With all these data, the reliability of the system was given.

The choice between the two wireless systems of Beyerdynamic, ended to choose the MCW50. The reason was the simplicity of its handling and installation, the quality of its sound and the quality of manufacture of the microphone units. They selected the system MCW50-9 that allows the speech of 9 participants during a conference simultaneously, using all the 3 bands of the Wi-Fi spectrum. Selectively, the user can decrease the number of simultaneously  talking participants during  a conference to 3 or 6. As it is obvious, the installation was very easy, the only thinks needed were the connection of the central unit to a socket, the removal of the microphones from their cases that are also chargers and then the easy task to switch them on all together. So simple! In 10 minutes the system is ready to run.

The result was so much qualitative, that impressed even the technicians of the installation. The quality of the voice was in unusual levels, something that appeared also during  the first interview for the  press that realized with the system and more specific the one that the Minister of Health gave to the press people for the new flu. Equally impressed were also the technicians of the television stations, which took sound from the system and declared that was by far  the best sound that they have taken in Greece, and you can understand how many places these technicians have visited?

In the following link you can find analytic technical characteristics for wireless congress system MCW50 of Beyerdynamic


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