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10 okt 2009

The famous live club for Greek popular music "Diadromes" invests in Adamson

The live night club "Diadromes" is a very beautiful entertainment place in Patision street at the centre of Athens. On the first floor of a neoclassic building, that during the '70's and the '80's hosted a subsidiary of the Greek French Academy, Mr. Vangelis Katsanos formed a night club full of taste and quality. From its stage passed a lot of well known musicians and singers of the qualitative popular and rembetiko Greek music. In his continuous research for the upgrade of his club, his objective for this year was to make a radical renovation in its sound system.

After analytic search of the market and in collaboration with his sound engineer Fotis Pantazis, he decided to choose a system from Adamson with Powersoft amplifiers and XTA processor. It was a choice that was based mainly in quality data. The unique sound of Adamson speakers in combination with their power and their quality of manufacture that distinguishes them, were beyond competition. Their acceptance by the sound engineers and artists worldwide, was also one important factor for the final choice. Finally the well known professional support of DNA Systems, put the final signature from Mr. Katsanos in the choice of the system.

The system that installed was based on the known M15 speaker from Adamson. You surely have seen it in the biggest concerts, since they are from the most powerful and qualitative monitors worldwide. What however is not so much known is that the M15 is a multipurpose speaker, ideal also for permanent installations. We used 4 speakers M-15 to cover the club which were supplemented by 2 subwoofers B-118, while another 2 x M15's placed as side fills for the stage. The speakers took power from 2 x 4-channels  amplifiers Q-3204 from Powersoft, while the total control of the system undertook a DP-448 processor from XTA. The installation realized by the experienced technical collaborator of DNA Systems, Mr. Philippos Dagres.

Everybody impressed, after we completed the installation, by the sound precision of the system. The M15's, thanks to their handmade woofers from Kevlar and their awarded wave guide high frequency drivers, gave a sound result absolutely natural, in any distance from the speaker, while the dissemination was so accurate that the sound engineer could push up the microphones up to 6dB  before feedback in comparison to any other competitive speaker. Musicians also declared very happy since they could hear comfortably their voice or their musical instrument, without suffering from high sound pressure levels, something very important in the long nightly work.

Mr. Vangelis Katsanos declared absolutely satisfied from his choice and from the support and the installation that DNA Systems provide. For those who want to hear quality sound and have fun in a night club that respects its customer, they deserve to spend one evening in "Diadromes". It will be a night to remember...

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