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03 dec 2009

Very positive results from the first XTA seminar in Greece

The first ??? seminar in Greece, generally said, had  a big success. It was important for XTA, since it was something been asked for years from the Greek sound engineers. XTA Processors are the most common in the Greek professional sound industry, they are used by most of the leading professional sound systems, therefore they are very often meet by technicians and sound engineers. Another important reason that the seminar was important, was to present at the Greek technicians the new line 4  processors and their education in their programming, as also in the new software Audiocore, that has changed and advanced a lot, with a view to cover the increased possibilities of line 4 processors.

In the seminar came from England to teach, Mr. Warring Hayes, engineer of research and development (R&D) for XTA. Who is better to educate you in a product but the person that designed it? The program of the seminar began with a general presentation in line 4 and the differences and improvements from line 2. In the next part Mr. Hayes gave an analytic presentation in the new software Audiocore. In the third part the seminar became highly interesting, because it was presented for the first time the wireless solution of XTA, something that all technicians ?been jealous? off. It is very attractive if you can regulate the sound system from any position in a room or a concert hall with just a tablet PC. The seminar closed with answers in questions and queries that had relation with line 4 processors, or with Audiocore or with line 2 processors.

The day closed with a presentation in a new very important model for XTA, the DP1048, the first speaker processor that has been designed for use in permanent installations. The presentation happened from Mr. Bill Woods, Director of Sales of XTA. Also he announced officially the support of XTA in the digital protocol DANTE and he presented concise the products for networking that recently presented by the company, based on this protocol.

Because we faced much bigger interest than what we were expecting, many technicians didn?t had the chance to attend the seminar, because we had a  limitation in 30 seats, for obvious reasons of quality. Our aim is to do again the seminar during the first half of the year 2010, in order to give the opportunity also to these technicians.

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