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12 dec 2009

The famous Greek singer Melina Aslanidou trusts the new Opus 900 from Beyerdynamic

As we say also in our advertisement, leading voices need leading microphones?! Thus Melina Aslanidou, one of the leading Greek feminine voices, selected the new leading microphone OPUS 900 from Beyerdynamic. 

Mrs. Aslanidou, tried the new OPUS 900 and compared it with other microphones of the competition and she found it much more analytic, while thanks to the changing capsules, it gave her the possibility to change between dynamic and condenser microphones immediately, according to her need of the studio quality output of the condenser head or the high feedback resistance of the dynamic head. 

Mrs. Aslanidou usually uses the handheld transmitter S900M with the metal body and the head CM960B that contains the capsule from the known dynamic microphone TGX-60 of Beyerdynamic. This capsule is one of the biggest in size dynamic capsules in the market and it is handmade manufactured in the factory of Beyerdynamic in Heilbronn of Germany, in order to ensured the high sound quality and the long time reliability.

Some words for the new Opus 900 wireless system

The new Opus 900 system benefits from the experience with the Opus 500 Mk II and 800 systems. Opus 900 was designed to meet the rigorous operating criteria of multi-channel systems for professional applications. Two new transmitters are available, with metal housing or durable plastic housing with charging contacts on the base. Both models feature colour-LCD display, Automatic Frequency Scan and Setting function. SPL capacity is 116-146 dB. Both come with adjustable input sensitivity, internal 4-level pad: 0, -10, -20 and -30 dB and silent On/Off switch. The Opus 900 system offers a range of interchangeable capsules, enabling a full range of uses, handling theatre, broadcast, large installations or live concerts. The DM 960 S and B capsules are both fitted with the exceptional high performing TG-X 60 dynamic hypercardioid capsule, while the DM 969 S is fitted with the Opus 69 dynamic supercardioid capsule. The EM 981 S has an electret condenser capsule and the CM 930 B features beyerdynamic?s ultra full range ?true condenser? capsule. Three new receivers, housed in rugged metal boxes, feature true dual diversity working in UHF. The NE 900 S, a single channel receiver, is 9.5? and 1 unit high, while the NE 900 D, a dual channel receiver, and the NE 900 Q, a quad receiver, are housed in a standard 19? 1u rack-mount. An engineer-friendly ?jog wheel? for fast access and reconfiguration of the system has also been added. These receivers offer 99 selectable pre-programmed frequencies, ranging from 668-692 MHz, 790-814 MHz, 841-865 MHz, with possibility to program a free frequency within 24 MHz bandwidth in 25 KHz steps. They all feature monitoring headphone output with volume control and balanced XLR per channel, Remote-In and -Out port and PC control ability. The dual and quad receivers also feature an integrated antenna splitter. Two choices of pocket transmitters are also available for the Opus 900 wireless system. The TS 900 M, with metal housing and the TS 900 C in a tough plastic case with rechargeable contacts. Both come with ACT infrared interface for frequency setting, LCD for selected channel, group and battery status (5-stage), gain control, silent on/off switch and 4-pin mini-XLR input connector

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