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05 may 2010

The HighGround from Novalight lights the Panathinaikos football fiesta in Athens

It was a really nice evening. Regardless of the sports team someone supports, all admitted that the fiesta organized by the administration of Panathinaikos football team for its success in winning the cup and the league in 2010, was impressive. Especially the lighting that was designed from the famous lighting designer George Telos.

In order to organize such a big celebration for 45,000 fans,  they had to involve a company with the size and the experience that could ensure reliable operation. Thus the impressive lighting and sound systems realized by the company Ypsilon live, that is well known in Greece for its experience in such large events.

In order to give effect to such a large area such as the Olympic Stadium of Athens, it was necessary to use very strong lighting equipment. That?s the time for the High Grounds of Nova light. These unique lighting fixtures that are able to deliver 175.000 Ansi / Lumens from a lamp 2000W, really made the difference. As you can see the following video, filmed by a simple mobile phone, the result of the High Ground placed around the stadium, was impressive. Powerfull beams that could be seen from many miles away, even from the city center, gave a feeling of movement in the pitch, while the combination of the pulse of the fans and the music from the speakers, made a heady mix.

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