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22 may 2010

The Nuevo Trova bar in Athens chooses a Peavey sound system

A beautyfull bar with high artistic sence

The Nuevo Prova is a new bar in the center of Athens, in a beautiful neoclassical building, which was built with great care by the famous Greek actress Katerina Papoutsaki and her brother John Papoutsakis. Their purpose was to build a hang that could host a pleasant environment for the people of arts (and not only ...) but also to provide a stage to express various forms of art, concerts with bands from all genres , theatrical groups and entertainers, standup comedy and high quality play back Music.

The building had major surgery internally in order to meet the demands of a modern space but without losing that special feeling that someone gets coming in, the warmth and the energy is an area of intense artistic activity and aesthetics. The sound was therefore a very important issue, which is why they came in contact with DNA Systems through our good friend and client Dimitris Stefanakis to give them a global study and proposal.

The requirements were specific, firstly because the area did not allow the placement of very large speakers to challenge the aesthetics, secondly, because the sound system should be able to cope with many different live applications, from the amplification of the voice of an actor to rock and jazz bands and a thirdly because at the same time should deliver quality music for the different dj sets with clubbing, rock and underground music.

Fortunately, thanks to Peavey, the difficult job was easy. We chose a system based on the famous Impulse 1012 speakers, that are beautifully designed with their nice plastic cabin.  The speaker use a 12 'inches woofer from the new Black Widow speakers series and a Constant Directivity horn with a 1.25-inch driver that uses the new RX-22 diaphragm. The Impulse 1012 is admittedly a Swiss knife kind of speaker, able to deliver in any application, so it is always high on the sales of plastic speakers cabinets. For the low frequencies, we installed a subwoofer from the new PV series and in particular the PV118, that wears a 18-inch Pro line speaker in a compact wooden cabinet covered with carpet. The amplifier was an t&m SA-8200 for the satellites and an SA-70 for the subwoofer, while the overall control system was at the hands of a new generation Digital processor Peavey VSX 26.

The result was more than satisfactory. The speakers implemented well in the bar, the pairing with the subwoofer was very balanced and the final result, after hard testing by the dj's and the sound engineers that worked for the opening of the bar, got the best reviews. The opening night was really beautiful, Katerina Papoutsaki and her brother John was delighted with the sound and we at DNA Systems are proud, because a very important place of art bears the stamp of the sound quality of Peavey and DNA Systems.


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