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23 may 2010

Opus 900 wireless microphone system from Beyerdynamic at its best!

Offering quality sound in the beautiful Amstel Live show of Skai TV in Greece

One of the highlights of this television season in Greece is the music program Amstel Live. It is a very significant release for the Greek television and the Greek music scene, being one of the few that highlight the area of Greek rock music. From its stage have already passed many famous Greek  artists, so the show has become a trend and discussed especially between young people.

The major terms of technical coverage of the broadcast is that all the bands and artists are playing live. It is a courageous effort and of course a good example that most of the Greek television shows should follow and Skai TV station together with Amstel beer company deserves congratulations that were not content to produce an inexpensive,  full of playbacks and cheap tricks production, but they invested in a quality production that brings inside our homes all the energy and feeling of a live performance.

The company chosen to equip its production, should have the experience and the quality of equipment that would make all actors, musicians, technicians and artists, to feel the certainty that the result would always be the best. The company Audionics Engineering of Mr. Spyros Sergopoulos, one of the oldest companies in the Greek rental market, was selected to provide equipment and technical support to the production.

For the purpose of the show, Audionics Engineering had to invest in a new multi-channel wireless microphone system, able to withstand any challenge, with reliability and quality. The chose by comparing to invest in the new Opus 900 system of Beyerdynamic. The Opus 900, is the latest generation of wireless microphones from the German manufacturer, and incorporates all the latest developments in wireless technology. By implementing more than 1000 frequencies, allowing the operation of up to 24 microphones simultaneously in one band, it has a great range of coverage and long battery life (12-16 hours with AA alkaline batteries), and gives the ability to change the head of the microphone from condensedr into dynamic, or from dynamic to another type of dynamic during the time of the concert, with a simple unscrew-screw action, something that is offered for the first time in a wireless system. It is also very easy and safe to setup thanks to the built-in scanner, which controls the frequencies spectrum and propose the best frequency to work, so the technician needs just a few minutes to configure the complete system.

In the following video you will see the wireless microphone Opus 900M with the DM960B head that is based on the legendary TGX-60 microphone used by the rapper singer MC Yinka, and the presenter of the show. Also in the same show Audionics Engineering  uses the Beyerdynamic drum set L for the recording of the drums and the TS-900M wireless transmitters with Opus 59 head worn microphones for the musicians that also sing. Finally you will see in front of the singers the floor monitors M15 from Adamson, since Audionics Engineering is now one of the companies that uses Adamson, using a Metrix line array system and of course a complete set of M15 monitors.

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