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23 jun 2010

Club Mylos: Total recall with Adamson

Club Mylos - 18 years of clubbing two centuries of history

(The following text is published with the kind permission of the site www.alive.gr and Vassilis Ladonikolas who wrote it.)

I confess that I do not know, but the club Mylos Chania is a really famous club known to almost everyone has gone through the island. We refer of course to those who live in Crete and especially in Hania, who are regulars for many years, but referring to disputes have occasionally visited the island on holiday, left for work or have part of their military training . Doing a little poll before going and returning from Chania noticed that many friends, and I not only, knew the club, had visited it and had more than one good word to say about it.

Club Mylos - 18 years of clubbing two centuries of history
Having all this in mind then, I went in Platanias Crete (about 10 km outside Chania) where is the club Mylos, invited by DNA Systems, and the Varouxaki brothers the owners of the club, to participate this year's launch of Mylos club and to see and hear the brand new Adamson system just installed at the site. Here, apart from Takis Tsonopoulos of DNA Systems, I found an old friend and colleague, Alexis Ganas, who works in the last 10 years with the club doing the service of the sound equipment and he took care of the new system together with the Aris Issaris of DNA and David Dohrmann, Adamsons Systems Technician based in Germany (Hamburg), who "came here in Crete, solely for the installation and the fine tuning of the new system of the club.
As mentioned, the club Mylos holds a rather unique and unbreakable record for the Greek clubbing data as it operates for 18 years, having the same owners, same name and the same music and philosophy and until last year the same system, which was a set of  Electrovoice MT-2s.
 The Mylos located just off the beach and is integrated in an overall complex, which belongs to the same owners and includes a beach club NEROMYLOS, shaded by palm, bar with seating literally in the water of the pool and listening to DJ and dancing mood, and next is the Mylos Hotel. The undisputed highlight of this complex with the generic name Mylos, is undoubtedly the club Mylos, which is built over two centuries by a French engineer and its construction material is stone, wood and metal. Like I said, serves as club since 1993 and has since hosted a number of top guest DJ's and live performances (1995 Liquid, 1997 David Morales, 1999 Danny Tenaglia, 1999 Junior Sanchez, 2000 Kevin Yost, 2002 Deep Dish, 2003 Nick Warren,2004 Dave Seaman, 2005 Hiroshi Watanabe, 2006 "Little" Louie Vega, 2007 Dave Seaman, 2008 Nick Warren and the "Way Out West").

Like I said, this year after 18 years the club Mylos changed the sound system to provide the best possible sound to the people and the fans of clubbing and house - dance scene. The choice was a full Adamson system comprising 8 SX18 (hanging on 4 clusters of 2 SX 18 each) to look out the main area of the club, the famous' brutal '' subwoofer of Adamson T21 and 4 Point 8 used as under balcony. For the DJ's just right and left of the DJ booth, installed 2 Adamson MH 12.1 on stands. An extremely interesting and unusual application in ceiling monitors saw the small indoor 'club which is an extension of the main club, with its sound being isolated to the main club, playing mostly Greek music. There, because there were special 'nests' for the speakers of specific dimensions on the roof, Alex Ganas preferred to use speakers that will buckle there, because if they open their nests should be substantially dismantled the insulated roof. In the case of the small club, therefore, proved the perfect new, low-profile monitor M12's Adamson.
The total of 8 SX 18s comfortably covered the main area of the club, were led effortlessly, playing really loud with their 18? woofers (made of Kevlar) contributed most to the groove of the house mixing (to recall, the SX 18 is a 3way system that uses an 18? woofer, a 10? mid range and a 1,5? HF driver). The slopes and their placement has been proven quite effective in practice, and even after many hours of clubbing a visitor will come out with his ears quite comfortably. Very good was the coverage of Point 8 so there were no dead zones in the area while on the DJ's have not had any complaints with 2 MH 12.1. In the end I left the 'ferocious' T21. The volume of the air pushied by the two 21 inch woofers is really amazing and the extremely low frequencies (like 25Hz)  are able to be felt rather than hear. A single sub was enough to effectively manage the reproduction of the usual bottomless low that exists in today's dance - clubbing mixes, and the surprise was the excellent control of low-and full sense of punch, even in the most remote areas of the T21 the club.

But if the main room of the club Milos we expected the quality from a system of the class of Adamson, the pleasant surprise was the small club adjacent to the Adamson M12 monitors on the roof, where the volume and the dispersion proved ideal for the small space, the sound was too clean, with good balance and good frequency responce. Also, this placement contributed to the creation of fewer and more easily manageable reflections.

 George Varouxakis owner of the club Mylos told us ...
* This year marks the 18th season for us. 
* I had a few influences from the good side of the rock music in general. My taste for many years past the house scene.
This year we changed the sound system, we went into something much more qualitative with the leadership of Alexis Ganas.
* When we say we mean a compact club room with great sound, music and quality in everything we offer such a space. With the new sound our customers will have crystal clear sound, and after five hours of clubbing they can leave with ?clear ears?. The system is amazing and we understood its potential from the premiere. Because we have a thoroughbred club we did not hesitate to invest in the sound.
* We always brink famous world-class DJs, without extra cost for our customers. This is our offer to them. Our moto is to support and we support, so I do not want to make a lot more euros when I bring a DJ. This reflects our overall philosophy and this is why we are one of the few (if not the only) club in Greece working for 18 consecutive years, with the same name, same owners and have the same success ..

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