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12 nov 2010

Lakis Lazopoulos chooses again Beyerdynamic

For the new season of Al Tsantiri News the microphones are again Opus 900 & Opus 600 Beyerdynamic of

It was an important decision again for this year, for the production of the show and Lakis Lazopoulos personally. Mr.. Lazopoulos known in the art world for the attention he gives to every aspect of his work is very demanding in what it has to do with the selection of the microphones used. This year the needs of the show are much bigger, as more artist act together in the same time. When we proposed him to expand the system of Beyerdynamic, his response was immediately positive. 

In collaboration with his sound engineers, tried all possible mic heads offered by the Opus 900 system and really impressed. Especially with the condenser head CM960, which is the head that you see him using in each episode, everybody said they are the best wireless microphones they had heard and arguably the closest to the sound of a studio microphone.

Also impressed by the CO-7 head microphones from Point Source, which tried and eventually opted for prose and making sketches with guest actors. In combination with the belt pack transmitters of the Opus 900 series they really did a good job. The sound engineers were pleased by their sound performance, the director from their small size, which almost disappears in front of the lens and mr. Lazopoulos from their fitting (although it took two shows for the makeup artists to learn how to fit them).

Mr.. Lazopoulos states now that he is a fan of the Beyerdynamic Opus 900 that will accompany him in the future in each appearance. So excited are aslo the technicians of Alpha TV because the microphones from the Opus 900 Series and the Point Source and making their job easier.

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