DNA Systems



16 dec 2011

When you make installations rare times are where you just instal the sound system and leave. When we were invited to New Penteli to see the new space made, our first thought was ... what we do now; The question arose from one of the two places we had to cover with sound, bar. The entire bar is in a glass shell with the only non-glass surface, a wall of raw concrete. The fear we had was only one, reflections! We had to use many small speakers, small volumes at low altitude, so that is very intense. So were eight Impluse VII of Peavey made to fill the space. After the first tests in tension, at the angles of the speakers and our appropriate indications to increase the sound absorption, we had more than satisfactory results.
In the second place, which is the restaurant area, the requirements were simpler. Four Impulse VII around the area gave us the result that we wanted.
In both two places there is a separate volume control. The rack of amps consists of four Peavey IPR1600, a matrix of Australian monitor and a digital processor VSX26 of Peavey. The selection of amplifiers was something very important. As we learned, in this place has large fluctuations in voltage. The new, digital power amplifiers, gave us the solution. Our visits to DADA'S after the installation always leave us a smile of satisfaction.

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