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24 sep 2012

Design and installation of LED display in the store Sephora Athens (Kolonaki) by DNA Systems

The shoping chain Sephora, is the largest beauty chain in Europe. With shops in the most European countries which are known for the quality of their services, which is part of the impressing methods of presenting products in the store, making the customer experience more complete.

Being a company that belongs to one of the largest business groups in the world, the group LVH, which also owns many of the familiar names in global fashion (Luis Vuiton, Gucci, Ferre etc.) quality standards in each functional block company is too high.The sam is happening in the Greek part of the chain Sephora.

DNA Systems works for a long time now with Sephora, having already made at various chain stores facilities where products, with special lighting and projection systems. The ultimate satisfaction of the tech department of the company by the quality standards of DNA Systems, led to the recent partnership for a very sensitive and important work, installation of an innovative system of presentation and advertising messages to radically renovated store Sephora Kolonaki

The store is very important for the chain because of its strategic placement in the most robust economic region of Athens and the historicity of this. The mandate was clear. We had to get the most advanced technologies, to highlight the aesthetics of the area and offer unique shopping experience.

There were various proposals and studies by our company. After many discusions with the technical director of the company, the decision was taken for two custom screens LED 6mm to the exterior of the shop and other two 12mm LED structures on the inside.

Selected systems are the Division (Moth 12) and LedSquare (Apha 6 Led). The systems are very high performance, high reliability and stability at a very reasonable cost. Both systems were adjusted with custom manner, especially in external monitors had to implement innovative solutions that impressed even the very demanding technical manager of the group.

The result vindicated once again the trust of the Sephora stores in DNA Systems, having got the best reviews of the group's management, which is evidenced by the reviews and comments of admiration from the invited executives Sephpra stores across Europe at the opening of the Store

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