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06 dec 2012

The success of DNA Technical Seminar was impressive!

83 participants from almost all around Greece.

We thank all the participants who attended the seminar. Participation impressed us and proved that even in times of economic and professional problems, the Greeks sound engineers, technicians and companies remain active active in new technologies and learning.

The preparations for the seminar began on Sunday, December 2nd, with simulations and testings from David Dohrmann of Adamson to achieve the best possible result. In the evening we started  installing the DSP cards into the Powersoft amplifiers with the help of Lawrence Iviani and then final arrangements and hearings until late at night.
The following morning on Monday December 3rd found us with all the sweet agony for the perfect completion of training. The first group started at 11:10. After the welcome from DNA Systems, the fellow engineers from Adamson and Powersoft got over. The time of the seminar was divided into 60 minutes theoretical training by Adamson, which included basic line array theory, Adamson setup methodology, simulation examples with Shooter aiming software and real time simulations with the new Blue Print software, presentation and sound tests of the brand new Point Coax 5 and Coax 6 speakers and a quick reference to E15. Then 30 'theoretical training by Powersoft was about their approach on how to design amplifiers, the administration of the audio signal and the advantages of using the K series in conjunction with the Armonia software for controling the signal processing. The ending was with 30 minutes of live tests and practical education. The system we had was 8 x SpekTrix & 4 x SpekTrix SUB per side with 4 x K3 DSP & 4 x K8 DSP. At this point we would like to thank the NET Audio rental company for the concession of the sound system and their valuable technical support.

A total of 83 participants attented who were divided into 4 groups until 20:00 where the day ended!

From the first round of participants was obvious the high level of the course. As a result the first positive comments were soon to be heard during the time of the practice in "small talking" between the participants.

All participants received participation diplomas and souvenirs from the manufactures.

Thank you all who supported us by participating the seminar. You gave us strength for the future and a clear order that we should do more seminars and events.

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