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15 apr 2013

D.N.A SYSTEMS delivers one more installation

The only Greek company that still makes and deliver high quality projects

At the exit of Nauplion to Epidaurus, The "FOUGARO" (smokestack) is a complex of three stone buildings total area of ​​2.500 sqm, with large open spaces and a characteristic funnel of 36 meters. This place opened in the first half of the 20th century as a tomato canning factory, named Flower. Considering that this is a historic industrial complex, the new ownership renamed "smokestack" and made sure to retainable by the state in 2004. Also started rebuilding at Art Space and Culture, while successfully sought ways to harness geothermal energy to meet its operating needs.

The venue includes:

 the "Flower" Library
 the ArtShop
 Arts Workshop
 Biological Products
 Art Spaces
 Summer Cinema

The sound installation in such a multiplex is crucial, which is why the search for better and higher quality solution was very comprehensive and detailed. The owners, after comparing the solutions picked up by many Greek companies, chose the solution that offered by DNA Systems, which we are very honored. The study was conducted by the Technical Director of DNA Systems mr. Aris Issaris and technology based on companies Adamson, Powersoft and T&M .

The concourse of multiplex passed for ease simulation performance audio playback & live sound with the new speaker series Point of Adamson. Used 6 Point 8 speakers with two subwoofers Point 15, which despite their small volume, achieved  to give much comfort as possible, but also sound quality. Still, the beautiful appearance but also the possibility that gives us Adamson delivered to the speaker in many colors allowed us to put in place without undermining the aesthetic.
Even two Point8 used on the imaginary extension of the café, the field of "green" room, a room for complementary activities.

The amplification of the speakers and the sound processing  delivered from  two amplifiers Powersoft duecanali 3804 DSP and one of Powersoft M20D HDSP. These new amplifiers are specifically designed for permanent installations. They offer the usual high quality of the well known K series in conjunction with an embedded processor with all the tools you need an installer to adjust the sound system in detail. And all this with the energy performance of legendary amplifiers Powersoft. The control is done through the DSPs of Armonia Powersoft using preset in cooperation with Adamson.

The outdoor area use the new waterproof speakers of German t & m, with woofer 5 "inch dome tweeter. Though the small size the volume impressed with their performance even at low frequencies. The amplification took one four channel amplifier Project 160 4P of  t & m.

Finally reproduction palyback built one DJ set with 2 CD Pioneer mixer and a Rane TTM 56 S which has already excited all DJ who use it.
The whole control system is centralized, the control room of is using the appropriate Matrix 8x8 t & m for the present and future mgmt and other areas.

The result was even better than expected. The audio performance has air studio, the dispersion is excellent, no empty spots or "holes" around the area of ​​its guests, while the aesthetic embodiment shown how good is, also thru the photos. The administration of the place is absolutely satisfied with the choice of trusting the DNA Systems and gave us credit for the design, installation and delivery timing of the project. Finally we would like to thank and in personal  Mrs. Florica Kyriakopoulou for confidence and perfect cooperation with us.

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