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20 jun 2013

W club - Nafplio

T&M ??? Powersoft for a 22.000 Watt sound system

One of the most famous branding night clubs in the country, "W" Nafplio trust the sound of our company.
Following the discussions with owners and a full understanding of the needs of the site, we designed and installed a high-powered sound system with perfect sound effect.
The system consists of six satellites T&M Unity 12 gluster arranged in three, for the main PA Four double dekaochtaria T & T Unity 218 SUB taken the heavy ... very heavy work with low power 16.000 W. Due to the raised "balcony" over the whole perimeter of the site, we placed 12 T&M XS8 to cover ¨ hidden "signs together with four ?&? XS 10 SUB.
Strengthening Unity 12 took a Powersoft K3 DSP, the Unity 218 SUB A Powersoft K6 DSP, twelve XS 8 a Powersoft M30D DSP (the XS feature mode selector ohmic resistance) and XS10 SUB a Powersoft M14D DSP.
The whole system is fully controlled by the Armonia of Powersoft, with a control Xover, delay lines, limiters, EQs, damping control, Vrms output.
The final result of our justified since the sound quality, the maximum intensity and ... The budget is more than impressive.
Have a nice summer and enjoy the nights in "W"

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