DNA Systems



31 aug 2008

Automix Matrix 780

The third product in the Integrator Series is the Automix Matrix 780, designed to do justice to sound where justice matters most. The 780 provides the tools required for consistently clear audio in courtrooms, government chambers, corporate boardrooms and houses of worship. Featuring twelve inputs (eight microphone, four line level) and eight outputs, it contains microphone pre-amplification, compression, AGC, automixing (both Gating and Gain-sharing), matrix mixing, feedback elimination, filters, equalization, limiting and delay. Setup is easy and efficient with a straightforward Windows? interface connected over Ethernet. The 780 is also compatible with Symetrix RS-485-based Adaptive Remote Control (ARC) Wall Panels for user control. An interactive front panel provides convenient access to vital system parameters or may be custom programmed for user and technician control. Open Collector outputs can drive LEDs directly for status updates or integrate with external logic and automation systems. Save time and money with the Automix Matrix 780 from Symetrix, the engineering-driven company of signal processing specialists.

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