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24 sep 2008

Novalight lights up the sky in Athens at the

The concert organised on Tuesday September the 23rd, in order to remind all of us the terrible fires of previous year in Pelloponisos Greece, that killed 15 of our fellow-citizens and caused enormous destruction of forestal wealth of Pelloponisos but also the financial destruction of thousands of households and professionals. Through the concert, 75.000 Greeks united their voices to protest that hey will never accept something like that to happen again in our country and at the same time showed how much important is nature in order to continue existing and living.

The concert was organised by the television station Skai, the Melodia FM radio and the Goulandri institution. Fifteen leading artists presented, without requiring any money, with a goal to gather as much money as they can for the operation of fund for the protection of the forests.

The technical support of this super-production undertaken by the company Ypsilon live, in collaboration with Audio Sound and the company Papadimas. The designing of the lighting realised by Phil Hills, who trasted a lot in High Ground of Novalight. Ten (10) High Grounds were placed very intelligently in the back part of scene, that with their exceptional planning, offered a spectacle really impressive, that tied up particularly with the rest of the lights of the Stage, while their power was exactly what needed for such a big concert and in such a big space as Kallimarmaro Stadium.

The characteristic photographs with the beams of Novalight that erased above the centre of Athens, starting from the scene that had been set up in Kallimarmaro and to the Attic sky, travelled all around the world, transporting the message of 75.000 persons for a world with more green, with respect in the forests and the nature more generally.

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