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26 sep 2008

The new luxury hotel

  1. The hotel was made with a lot of taste from Mr. Konstantinos Ntasios, that had the dream to make such a hotel. The luxury, the materials, the decoration and more generaly the manufacture, "shout" from far away that nothing was left without deep study.

Perhaps the more important place of the hotel, is the room for events. Unique in its type for Patra, it aspires to give a solution in the lack of satisfactory spaces of social events of the  region. Because the room is capable to cover all kinds of events, marriages, christenings, speeches, official corporate dinners etc., the sound system that would equip it was decisive important. Mr. Ntasios, knowing well Yannis Tatsis of DNA Systems, entrusted him in order to equip the hotel with audiovisual equipment, but with particular care in the sound. Yannis Tatsis, had already tried with exceptional results the speakers of the German company t&m, installed 14 speakers FG-81 II type, an ideal speaker for small or low ceeling places as this room of the hotel, because it is very small, but with high output and very qualitative manufacture. For the surround area used 16 plastic speakers t&m 6,5 II, that are very small but qualitative, ideall to play in lower intensities and near the ears of the costumer, because their sound is particularly hi-fi.

The system supported from 4 subwoofers t&m 118,  that thanks to their 18 inches double voice coil woofer, filled ideally the low frequencies, while thanks to their small volume for a speaker of their category, they were disappearred ideally in the space. The system was driven by 8 amplifiers which worked in 8 zones, since the room with special partitions can be separated in eight smaller rooms in order to host 8 events simultaneous, with 8 separate DJs!! In order to achieve this, in each column  special receptions have been incorporated with XLR entries for the DJor  for live music.

The result vindicate completely the choice of t&m speakers, since the sound is marvellous, opticaly absolutely pact with the aesthetics of the room and Mr. Ntasios and his customers are enthusiastic. In the hotel already have been realised events that proved the quality and functionalism of the system.

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