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07 apr 2009

100 t&m speakers sounds at the new 5 floor Metropolis music store

In the centre of Athens, in a very beautiful old building that renovated with exceptional way, the chain of music shops Metropolis, opened a new 5 floor department store, that makes our city more beautyfull.

The sound installation in a such space, was particularly exigent. Apart from the sound quality that should be in a high level to complement the music that the shop sells, simultaneously should have homogeneous dispersion in all the areas of the shop, wile each department should be possible to put its own music.

The person in charge to choose the system, Mr. Vasilis Stratigakis, made analytic research of the Greek market, so as to find the best offer. After acoustics trials with various speakers of eponymous constructors, he found very easily that the speakers and amplifiers of t&m were superior from any other competitive product. Together with the thorough offer and the known high technical support of our company, his decision was to choose the DNA Systems company in order to realises the project.

The installation happened in time record for such work, since from the first hole that drilled for the placement of the first speaker until the final delivery of the amplifiers and the final measurements it took us only 2 days. In total we installed 56 speakers t&m P-6,5 II, 8 speakers t&m p-8 II and 24 8 inches roof speakers.

Except the sound quality, what impressed the persons in charge of Metropolis, was that the complete system was powered by just 2 eight channels amplifiers t&m SA-8200, with each one changes its signal from 8? in 100V through 16 transformers t&m Performer that were placed in 4 1U chassis.

For the control of the system and the segregation of the different areas, we used 2 8 Channels matrices DigiPage of Australian Monitor, that were accompanied by the corresponding multi zone microphone DP-16M.

The final result vindicated the choice of the company Metropolis but also us for our efforts. Generally speaking, the sound of the shop is particularly qualitative and clear, with very good control of intensity in each area, clean announcements and high output in each type of music, while also the installation of the speakers became everywhere with particular mastery.

Really it is very interesting to visit the new shop Metropolis, not only to see and hear the sound system, sice I believe that you read these linesbecause you must be a person of our market, but also because it is a very beautiful shop with a lot of qualitative music in its shelves, but also books, video games and other, while in the last floor there is also a very beautiful coffee-bar in order to relax.

Watch the following slide show with photos of the installation

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