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16 may 2009

Adamson Support Tour. A crusade to ensure the quality of Adamson systems in Greece

In a pioneering movement for the Greek pro audio market, our company in collaboration with the European department of support of Adamson Systems Engineering, for one entire week we visited the users of Adamson systems and checked in details the operation of their systems. The aim was to ensure that the sound quality of these systems is in compliance with the high standards of Adamson, but also to solve any problems that the users are facing, technically or programming.

The control and the measurement of the systems realized from the person in charge of technical support of Adamson Europe mr. Jochen Sommer and his assistant mr. David Dohrman. In each system they did analytic measurements in each satellite and each sub separately, upgrade of the processors in order to work with the latest software version and with the latest presets, general acoustic measurement, control of the hardware and finally discussion with the technicians that they work with the systems and answer in any query they had. Naturally, where it needed, technical or constructional interventions happened.

Adamson Support Tour passed from the company NET Audio in Athens, where we upgrade the cabins of their Spektrix systems in order to have precisely the same sound characteristics with the newer cabins, the company Key Sound in Klidi at Veria town near Thessaloniki to check their Spektrix system and the company Electrosound in Thessalonic, in order to check their Y10 + T21 system.

It is very important here to stress the fact that this visit from the support team of Adamson & DN'A Systems was voluntary, everything happened after a prior communication with the company that uses the Adamson system and a clear agreement on the aim and the way that would test the system. The companies that considered that they do not need support excluded form our list. Also, it is also important to say that the expenses of the visit and the labor of the control were completely covered from Adamson Systems Engineering and DN'A Systems, while the companies paid only for the parts if any needed.

The companies that have been checked declared enthusiastic from this action and asked to be repeated every year before the start of the summer season, while at the same time it proved to them for one more time that the purchase of an Adamson system, does not only mean the purchase of a leading speaker system, but an entire parcel of support and services that ensure permanently leading output.

See the following small video with the impressions of Jochen Sommer from his travel in Greece.

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