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08 jun 2009

A new idea dor remote lighting.

Really, the call was ne surprise by no means, because we know well what a beam of Novalight can do. However the customer was not sure, therefore, following our engagement as a company to offer demonstration of any product that somebody wants to buy and feel secure of his choise, we arranged a demonstration in order to prove that our proposal is the right one.

The aim was to light up a very beautiful islet which is found in distance of 2 kilometres from the land and on it has one traditional small church. The product we choose for the demonstration was the High Ground, which proved beyond any doubt his faculty to lit up the islet thanks to its power and assembled beam. However High Ground had a lot of possibilities that were useless in the particular application (movement, changes of colours, e.t.a.) that made also the investment more expensive. For this reason and after a discussion with the customer, we decided to install the Single Max, a fixture with a light bulb of 4000W power and the unique technology of Novalight that ensures homogeneous beam, high reliability over the yaers and waterproofing, something essential since the lighting was placed outside.

The result of the installation was far better than expected, since the Single Max accomplished to light up the islet with the church very easily and with an beam impressive. The customer declared absolutely satisfied and we are very happy that another particular installation was completed with success from our company.

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