DNA Systems



DN'A Systems offers services for professionals that seek reliable solutions, quality care and support for their sound and lighting needs.

Our complete services include:

Reantal services for everyneed and every production supporting audio, video and lighting

Design and Installation of any type of sound and lighting system for venues such as live and recorded indoor/outdoor applications, stadiums, concert halls, congress centers, hotels, TV studios, recording studios, broadcast studios, architectural spaces, museums, cruise ships, clubs, churches and restaurants.

Maintenance and Repair Services for professional sound and lighting equipment including complete systems. DN'A Systems also offers on-site servicing, particularly for permanent venue installations where on the spot repair is often essential.

Educational Seminars covering new technologies introduced by our line-card companies. With emphasis on the digital sector, and the possibilities those technologies offer for the professional sound and lighting fields, as well as in the field of  line source array theory and in LED lighting.

24- Hour Support Hotline service which introduces a phone-in center where one can communicate with specialized technicians any time of the day. Our technicians can help find a solution for any technical issue one might run into. This service is limited to products bought from DN'A Systems.

Instant SMS Service which informs the customer the moment your product is ready at the repair center, facilitating making delivery or pick-up arrangements without any delay.

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