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22 mar 2016

Product presentation of Adamson for the Greek market

The record year for Adamson!

The year of record for Adamson
As he explained Jasper, 2015 was an excellent year for Adamson as product sales of the company increased by 40% and were the only ones from the other 'big' and 'famous' speaker manufacturers who scored such performance on large mainly systems .

Jasper Ravesteijn, European sales of Adamson manager (with 20 years experience in the field of Pro Audio and particularly executive with long term including a major speaker manufacturers), we reserved a quite different presentation, regarding the series Point Concetric, Point and M series of Adamson (the reference is in turn made the presentation and the extensive hearings), as the theoretical stage logically precedes a presentation included the minimum required in order to allow time for the main course, ie analytical and comparative hearings the individual members of these rows (with the necessary periodically adding sub ...) that all attendees to gain a full view of the acoustic behavior of each speaker who heard the presentation.


For a more detailed presentation and the results of hearings visit alive.gr, from where is our texts aslo.


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