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05 aug 2018

A new sound installation was completed a few days ago at the new café bar on the Astros coast of Arcadia. Rustic has acquired a sound system that performs hi-end! A few months ago our owners visited us at our offices and after a detailed discussion and analysis of the needs, we proposed two solutions. Audible examples followed with parts of the system as well as technical analyzes. Finally, the financial proposal determined the overall result and a system of almost ... hi-end emerged. Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 HDSP, Communty DS8, R.15 COAX, V2-212 are the system installed by our company. A very nice facility, with a lot of weight in proper technical care, since Ottocanali is in an air-conditioned machine room and is linked to our headquarters for remote support. The six Communty DS8s are positioned verbatim in positions that have been conveyed to us by the sound study of space through EASE. The tremendous ease of their suspension has allowed us to achieve a warm and accurate gesture of the speaker, and of course the space decorator is very pleased. The speaker resolution is superb even at high sound pressure levels of 100 -102 dBSp. All loudspeakers are powered by the Powersoft eight channel amp, with separate DSP per channel and use presets from the Community as there is full cooperation between the two companies. The discreet, low-profile subs V2-212 completed the system's sonic response giving a result very close to the hi-end feature. For outdoor, we used the Community R.15 COAX, as we wanted sound quality, long transmission distance and a fully watertight speaker.

Thank you RUSTIC for our excellent cooperation!

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